Product – Brand X Valve – Power Lock

Power Lock Brand X API 6D Expanding Gate Valve

Power Lock is engineered for critical isolation applications where a tight mechanical seal is required to ensure against pressure variation and vibration. The Power Lock expanding gate design creates a mechanical locking seal with the seats to ensure a tight and reliable seal everytime. The robust design ensures reliable performance and long life in the harshest environments of fluid, gas, steam, and critical services up to 1000° F (538° C).

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Made in the USA – ensuring the finest quality from casting to finish
  • Designed and built to API 6D quality standards
  • Fire Safe API 6FA Design
  • Pressure drop is no greater than the through equal length of same pipe diameter
  • Seats are protected from media flow stream
  • Mechanical seal between gate and seats
  • In the closed position, the valve creates a tight mechanical seal on both seats. At this point the body cavity can be bled (Block and Bleed).
  • Ideal for installations in liquid pipeline mainlines, pump stations, manifolds, underground storage caverns, water flood, and wellhead applications.
  • In-line repairable

Components and Testing:

  • Material Selection – per NACE MR0175
  • Body – Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A216 WCC/LCC
  • Stem Sealing – V-Ring Stem Seals with Injectable Packing
  • Gate and Seats – 3 mil Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Testing – per API 6D, Gas and Hydrostatic